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37: LIVE Interview-TSgt John Hamilton Tier 1 PJ, Airman of the Year, CEO

September 29, 2021 SOCOM Athlete
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37: LIVE Interview-TSgt John Hamilton Tier 1 PJ, Airman of the Year, CEO
Show Notes

"These things we do, that others may live!" The motto of a USAF Pararescueman (PJ). On this episode of  the "Send Me" podcast, host Jason Sweet is joined by TSgt John Hamilton, a Tier 1 PJ of the 724 STS; John spent his early career as a PJ at the 23 STS, in which he deployed to Afghanistan with an Army Special Forces ODA Team. For his actions in combat, putting his life at risk to save others, John earned the United States Air Force Airman of the Year Award in 2014. He would then go on to become a highly trained, elite Tier 1 PJ of the 724 STS. After 12 years of service, John is now transitioning out of the Air Force to focus on his role as a Husband & Father, Business Owner, and licensed Real-estate Investor. Don't miss this special episode as John discusses his early years, PJ INDOC & pipeline courses, life wisdom, real estate & investing, tier 1 operations, and more.

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