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36: LIVE Interview/Q&A-Dr. Frank Turek "Justified Killing"

July 06, 2021 SOCOM Athlete
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36: LIVE Interview/Q&A-Dr. Frank Turek "Justified Killing"
Show Notes

The Bible includes many stories of warfare, and the United States Military has historically  presupposed a Christian worldview. However, the 6th Commandment states: "Thou Shalt Not Kill (Murder)." Join SOCOM Athlete for a special episode featuring Dr. Frank Turek discussing "Justified Killing vs Murder," and "Christianity & the United States Military." A former US Navy Aviator, Dr. Turek is a bestselling author of several books including "I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist," serving as the President of CrossExamined.Org. He's appeared on national television, made guest appearances on hundreds of nationally aired radio shows, and hosts the nationally ranked podcast titled after his book: "I Don't Have Enough Faith To be An Atheist." Dr. Turek is considered by millions across the world to be the leading expert in answering challenging questions on The Bible, Christianity, Creationism, etc. Enjoy this powerful episode of "Send Me!"

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