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33: LIVE Interview/Q&A-Mike Hazle, Olympian & Combat Controller "Special Operations vs Elite Athletics"

May 15, 2021 SOCOM Athlete
Send Me
33: LIVE Interview/Q&A-Mike Hazle, Olympian & Combat Controller "Special Operations vs Elite Athletics"
Show Notes

Join SOCOM Athlete for another powerful, educational episode from our podcast "Send Me!" This episode's guest, Mike Hazle, is a former USA Olympian & USAF CCT (Combat Controller) of the 125th STS. Mike has served as a SOCOM Athlete mentor & Hell Day instructor for nearly 3 years, bringing a plethora of human performance expertise & wisdom to SOCOM Athlete with credentials including: a Master’s Degree in Sports Management from TSU, Government Contractor/Program Manager, NSCA certified strength & conditioning specialist, and is currently a human performance director living in San Diego, California. This episode's topics include: Strength Training & Conditioning, Marriage/Relationships, Injury Prevention , Swimming/Water Confidence, Team Dynamics, Winning Mindset, and more. The “Send Me” podcast is currently ranked in the top 1.5% in the entire world, and ranked by Apple in the top 250 Health & Fitness Podcasts. Don’t miss this incredibly educational & informative episode. “Send Me!”

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