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32: LIVE Interview/Q&A Part II-Navy SEAL Matt Heidt "Spiritual Resiliency & Warfare"

March 30, 2021 SOCOM Athlete
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32: LIVE Interview/Q&A Part II-Navy SEAL Matt Heidt "Spiritual Resiliency & Warfare"
Show Notes

Join SOCOM Athlete for our second time hosting Navy SEAL Matthew Heidt for a powerful interview & LIVE Q&A with Special Operations candidates across the United States discussing BUD/S, Navy SEAL Officer vs Enlisted, Spiritual Resiliency & Combat, Christianity on SEAL Teams, and more. Matt retired as a U.S. Navy SEAL & Senior Chief Petty Officer after 23 years of service, deploying with SEAL Team 4 & SEAL Team 1 to various overseas locations including: Iraq, Bolivia, Philippines, Kenya, Thailand, and Panama. While serving in Iraq in 2007, Matt was awarded the Bronze Star Medal w/ Valor for his actions during combat while engaged against hostile forces. Currently, Matt is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, & recent graduate of the UCLA Anderson School of Management with an MBA in Real Estate Finance. He is now a married father of two living in San Diego, California. Enjoy this powerful episode of "Send Me !"

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