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29: LIVE Q&A-MSgt Roger Sparks, Author of "Warrior's Creed" & Legendary USAF PJ, former USMC Force Recon

February 14, 2021 SOCOM Athlete
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29: LIVE Q&A-MSgt Roger Sparks, Author of "Warrior's Creed" & Legendary USAF PJ, former USMC Force Recon
Show Notes

Join MSgt Roger Sparks and host Jason Sweet for LIVE Q&A with aspiring special operations candidates across the United States. SOCOM Athlete is America's #1 resource in Special Operations career preparation. In this powerful episode of  the "Send Me" podcast, Roger Sparks, a USAF Pararescueman (PJ) legend & the Author of “Warrior’s Creed" opens up for questions on battlefield experience, leadership, training tips, and more. Roger was considered for the Medal of Honor for his actions in Kunar Province, Afghanistan during Operation Bulldog Bite, receiving the Silver Star Medal for "distinguished valor & heroism in combat." A former USMC Force Reconnaissance Marine & USMC Basic Reconnaissance Course (BRC) instructor, Roger trained thousands of candidates during his time as a Marine before continuing his journey into the Air Force. After successfully graduating the 2-year PJ pipeline, Roger's first duty station was the 23 Special Tactics Squadron at Hurlburt Field, Florida, where he later transferred to the elite Alaska PJ team, 212 Rescue Squadron. Whether rescuing downed pilots from a remote glacier in Alaska, or braving Taliban gunfire to save infantrymen of the 101st Airborne in the austere mountains of Northeastern Afghanistan, Roger lives by the PJ motto: "These things we do, that others may live."  It's a true honor to bring Roger Sparks on the podcast. "Send Me!"

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