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25: The Story of Jay Stokes-SMU/Tier 1 Special Operator, Guinness World Record Holder, HALO/MFF Legend & Skydive Hall of Fame

November 19, 2020 SOCOM Athlete
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25: The Story of Jay Stokes-SMU/Tier 1 Special Operator, Guinness World Record Holder, HALO/MFF Legend & Skydive Hall of Fame
Show Notes

SOCOM Athlete is America's #1 resource in Special Operations career preparation. In this special episode of "Send Me," host Jason Sweet brings on Guinness World Record Holder/retired Green Beret Jay Stokes, a true legend in both the Special Operations & Skydiving community. In 2006, Jay broke the Guinness World Record for the most jumps in a day, knocking out 640 skydives in a 24-hour period. Jay retired as a CW4 (Chief Warrant Officer) Green Beret after 24 years of service in the Army, serving at both 7th SFG (Special Forces Group) & 1st SFG. Jay was selected at a young age to join the elite "Green Light Teams," a SMU (Special Mission Unit) formed in the height of the Cold War with the capability of detonating nuclear devices undetected while deep behind enemy lines. HALO/Freefall Parachuting & Combat Dive/SCUBA operations were among many skillsets Jay & his elite team were equipped with. Later in his career, Jay became the Safety Officer at the prestigious Navy HALO school (Tactical Air Operations) and has instructed thousands of upcoming Navy SEAL, USAF PJ/CCT, and others to safely conduct Military Freefall/Parachuting operations. Jay also earned a Master's Degree in both Security Management & International Relations from Webster University. With over 27,000 jumps, Jay is the USPA (United States Parachute Association) National Director & President. It's a true honor to bring the legend Jay Stokes on the podcast, "Send Me!"

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