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20: LIVE Interview/Q&A-Navy SEAL Sniper John Wilson

August 05, 2020 SOCOM Athlete
Send Me
20: LIVE Interview/Q&A-Navy SEAL Sniper John Wilson
Show Notes

Join us for another episode of SOCOM Athlete's podcast "Send Me," as we conduct a LIVE interview and student Q&A w/ former Navy SEAL Sniper & RECCE Team Leader John Wilson of SEAL Team 2. John is now a part-time firearms instructor, professional carpenter, and SOCOM Athlete Hell Day Special Guest instructor. John enlisted in the Marine Corps at the age of 17 before entering the Navy to start the BUD/S course. He is interviewed by former Air Force Pararescueman (PJ) & 2-Sport NCAA Athlete, Jason Sweet. The two discuss John's early years, experiences/challenges at BUD/S, career as a Navy SEAL, training tips & advice, and then open up for an hour of LIVE Q&A with over 50 aspiring Navy SEAL candidates..

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