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47: Kevin Baier, Navy SEAL Sniper

September 17, 2022 SOCOM Athlete
Send Me
47: Kevin Baier, Navy SEAL Sniper
Show Notes

On this episode of the "Send Me" Podcast by SOCOM Athlete, host Jason Sweet is joined by Kevin Baier, who just finished serving over 10 years as a U.S. Navy SEAL Sniper, Automatic Weapons Gunner, and Instructor. We're excited to announce that Kevin is our newest SOCOM Athlete instructor, and will be instructing at our upcoming Hell Day event in San Clemente, CA on November 19, 2022. Kevin joined the Navy in 2011 shortly after graduating high school. After two deployments to Iraq with Team 7 he had the privilege of serving as a Land Division Instructor at TRADET 3 for SDVT-1 where he taught Special Operations Urban Combat, Land Warfare, Close Quarters Combat, HRST/CAST, Combatives, and VBSS. He finished off the rest of his career at Team 7 as the Reconnaissance Team Lead with the DFP Platoon focused on SOF Cyber capabilities. While on Active Duty he received his Bachelor's Degree in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis from Norwich University graduating with Honors. After serving over a decade on SEAL Team 7, Kevin recently separated from the U.S. Navy in April 2022. We're honored to have Kevin in the SOCOM Athlete family to mentor the next generation of elite warriors!

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