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44: MGySgt Cory Paskvan "Swift, Silent, Deadly"

May 18, 2022 SOCOM Athlete
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44: MGySgt Cory Paskvan "Swift, Silent, Deadly"
Show Notes

On this episode of the "Send Me" Podcast by SOCOM Athlete, host Jason Sweet is joined by Force Reconnaissance Marine MGySgt Cory Paskvan, one of the most elite & fittest Marines in the entire Marine Corps; currently serving over 27 years in active duty. MGySgt Paskvan supervises & oversees all the training that goes into becoming a Recon Marine; the senior enlisted member of the USMC RTC (Reconnaissance Training Company) where BRC (Basic Reconnaissance Course) is accomplished., Marines & Navy SARC/SOIDC candidates must graduate BRC in order to officially earn the elite title of "Reconnaissance Marines." With multiple combat deployments all over the globe, as well as counter piracy operations, MGySgt Paskvan has earned combat medals to include: Meritorious Service, 2 Combat Action Medals, 2 Navy Commendation Medals with Valor, and more.  In addition to his years of instructor experience training Reconnaissance Marines, he was also an instructor at the United States Marine Combat Diver Course, and is a tandem/barrel qualified jumpmaster. MGySgt Paskvan has joined SOCOM Athlete as a Hell Day instructor & mentor over the last 3 years, and is a huge asset to the SOCOM Athlete community. We're honored to interview him in today's episode as he discusses physical fitness, mental toughness, and what it takes to become a United States Reconnaissance Marine; "Swift, Silent, Deadly!"

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