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40: Navy SEAL Chad Williams, Author of "SEAL of God"

February 08, 2022 SOCOM Athlete
Send Me
40: Navy SEAL Chad Williams, Author of "SEAL of God"
Show Notes

“Earn your trident every day!” On this powerful episode of SOCOM Athlete's podcast "Send Me," we're joined by Navy SEAL Chad Williams, Author of the bestselling book “SEAL of God.” Chad served with SEAL Teams 1 & 7 on multiple combat deployments including Fallujah, Iraq. He tells the incredible story of his path from a Southern California skater & college dropout to graduating BUD/S & becoming a Navy SEAL. While deployed to Iraq 2007, Chad was introduced to his faith in Jesus Christ. He would then experience what would be his greatest challenge of all; an extremely unique & personal test of his newly found faith. After completing his 6-year enlistment, Chad was called to author his now best-selling book “SEAL of God.”  A huge welcome to the “Send Me” podcast Chad!

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